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Illinois Best Online Bingo Sites For 2024

Illinois State FlagIt is in states like Illinois that online bingo can really become a big earner for some state tax revenue but it seems that most residents are unfamiliar with the landscape of playing it over the internet.  It seems that when most people are told about legal online bingo in Illinois, they simply assume automatically that it is illegal based on the undeserved yet perceived negative reputation that gambling over the internet still holds. Bingo is a legitimate sector of the Illinois online gambling market and maintains a successful presence in the industry.

This guide is designed to provide bingo gaming fans in Illinois with an inside look into the online bingo industry. It is surprisingly innovative and provides a bingo platform that supports a wide range of gaming options. All the legal details, game selection, promotional opportunities, and software availability will be spelled out for you on this page.  It is our objective that you are provided with everything you need to make an informed decision regarding your involvement with online bingo entertainment.

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    Top Rated Online Bingo Sites Accepting Illinois Players For May, 2024

    Bingo IconThe online bingo sites you see listed below accept players from Illinois and are the ones that we have a uniquely positive experience with. They are also the sites that we have spent the most time vetting for any discrepancies in their credentials, regulation that they are subject to via their current jurisdictions and physical locations.

    We have come with this list of sites that serve as the top tier legally sanctioned providers of online bingo entertainment in the Illinois online gambling industry.

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    Is Online Bingo Legally Allowed In Illinois?

    Lawbook With GavelAbsolutely. The laws that have been enacted in the United States that pertain to bets placed over the internet don’t criminalize the actual bettors in any way. The laws in place from the federal government do not prohibit Illinois residents from engaging in online bingo gaming at legally licensed and regulated destinations located outside of the United States.

    In 2011, the DOJ Legal Opinion on the Federal Wire Act opened the door for individual states such as Illinois to embrace or reject state regulated online gambling that consists of online casinos, poker, lottery, horse racing and bingo.

    The UIGEA is often brought up when discussing gambling laws, but has no bearing on players seeking online bingo entertainment.  This law simply places regulatory oversight on banks and payment processors relevant to processing gambling related transactions.  It does not prohibit US residents, including those in IL from playing bingo online. State gambling laws in Illinois do not criminalize online bingo games that take place at legally licensed and regulated destinations, such as the sites listed in this guide.

    What Games Are Available At Online Bingo Sites?

    Bingo IconMost commonly there are four main varieties of bingo that you will find at our recommended USA online bingo sites. 30-ball bingo is known as speed bingo and focuses around a 3 by 3 cube card and is played at a quicker pace with fewer balls than the rest of the game variations. There is the 75-ball version which is the most common in the United States and randomizes 15 balls in 5 columns and is played on a 5 by 5 card. 80-ball bingo is played on a 16-square grid that has 4 rows and 4 columns.

    Then there is what is normally called UK bingo, or 90 ball. 90 ball randomizes 10 balls across 9 columns and is played with any of the winning patterns that are applicable. You can choose from games with static non-directional patterns, diagonal winning patterns, and even wild predefined patterns that are a little more challenging. Each game takes place in a specially designed chat room and carries specific promotions and bonus offers.

    The Social Side Of Online Bingo - What Are Chat Room Games?

    The chat room games are what people tend to really like about online bingo as one of the main concerns of playing online for most people is losing the social aspect of the game. Now with the chat rooms included you can still have friendly rivalries and banter with all your favorite bingo pals. The chat room games are overseen by a professional moderator and offer an opportunity to win additional cash and prizes.  These games take place during and in between bingo games. The automatic dauber function of the bingo games means you don't have to monitor your cards.  There are additional side games, including slots, video poker, keno, scratch cards and even blackjack.  These games are available for you to play while you wait for your auto-daubing cards to reveal a winner in your bingo game.

    How Many Bingo Cards Can I Play At Once?

    The automatic dauber functionality allows you to play as many cards simultaneously as your heart desires. There are typically no purchase limits on the number of cards you can purchase.  Prices range from free up to high roller status for the serious players. Yes, there are players out there who use the online gaming platform to make money from the game.

    Can I Play For Free At Online Bingo Halls?

    Free play is key! New players can use this function to get to know the online gaming interface without having to risk any money at all. Veteran bingo players that know the games in and out will also find this feature to be useful in knowing how to use the new functions that the internet has brought to the game and understand exactly where to click to do exactly what you want. Even if you know how to play the game, you’ve got to learn how to play with a keyboard and mouse.

    Are There Online Bingo Bonuses Available?

    There are multiple bonuses available for Illinois state players. The bonuses will range from site to site. The industry standard welcome bonus is offered at most top-tier websites and provides some nice incentives to try out a particular brand. This bonus is termed a “match” bonus because it takes a specific percentage of your initial deposit and matches it up to a designated maximum amount to increase your first deposit.  You will also find a list of daily deals or daily promotions at each bingo site.  These offers vary daily and sometimes change during the day. They offer a variety of promotions that range from free play to free bonus money and everything in between.  The offers are sometimes themed or tied to a specific chat room or game. You will need to check the promotions page of the bingo site you play at every time you visit as the offers do change often.

    Can I Play Real Money Bingo Games From My Mobile Phone?

    Responsive technology has allowed programmers to make all these games run smoother on your mobile devices. The new advancements in HTML can do what we previously had to download to accomplish, with a web based application that is optimized for mobile use. These applications are designed to be cross brand, OS and network compatible, and even employe backward compatibility to a certain degree to allow individuals using older devices to participate as well.