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USA Online Keno

Lottery IconAmong the games in the specialty sections of online casino websites, US online Keno is one of the more popular options. You can find online Keno games through multiple licensed and regulated offshore casino sites friendly to US residents.

Today keno has gained momentum online and players from all over the world are trying their hand in the “5 winning numbers”. We have created this guide to take apart the different aspects of the game and provide you with a more thorough understanding of how and where to play USA Keno online.

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    Top Rated USA Online Keno Sites For May, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyOur team of technical analysts has vetted each of the following online keno websites for legitimate credentials and has determined that they meet and exceed all of licensing and regulatory requirements. Each USA online casino listed below is located in an internationally respected gambling jurisdiction and has the proper licenses for the games they offer to USA residents.

    Bovada Casino Logo
    Bovada Casino


    Slots.lv Casino Logo
    Slotslv Casino


    Cafe Casino Logo
    Cafe Casino


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    Casino Max


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    Is It Legal To Play Online Keno For Real Money In The United States?

    Lawbook With GavelPlaying Keno online is 100% legal for most US residents. With the exception of players living in the state of Washington or Connecticut, there are no state or federal US gambling laws that prohibit American residents from legally participating in online keno for real money. As long as the casino that you are playing at is located outside the USA, legally licensed, and subject to legitimate regulatory oversight, then there is nothing illegal about playing Keno online.

    What Is Keno?

    U.S. Keno online is one of the many popular online casino games typically offered by land-based and web-based casinos that relies on picking numbers for a random draw. It is played a lot like a typical lottery, but with much higher odds of winning because the game is more localized than that of the larger state-based lotteries.

    With the larger odds of winning, however, also comes lower jackpots because the casinos or casino websites, in this case, have access to a much smaller amount of people to contribute to that jackpot. Each website or online game set their own paytable by which your bets will pay out if you happen to choose one or more of those lucky numbers.

    In land-based establishments, the numbers are sometimes drawn like a lottery or bingo, with balls in a random pick by a person. On the internet, however, the drawing is done with a Random Number Generator that uses mathematical algorithms to generate randomized ball drawings.

    How To Play Online Keno

    • With either a computer or a mobile device, navigate your browser to the legal online casino website of your choosing and find the online keno game you like the most after logging in. Typically, U.S.A. Keno online is found in the specialty games sections.
    • Once you have clicked the game you will be likely be presented with the option to play for free or with real money, we suggest playing a round or two in the free play mode to get to know the system you are playing on.
    • Once you have started the game up you will see the Keno card with the numbers 1 through 80.
    • You will then try to predict which numbers will get chosen at random by choosing up to 15 of those numbers that are set in front of you. The betting amounts are usually $1, $5, and $10. You may be able to select more numbers based on the Keno version you play.
    • Click “play” or “draw” and 20 of those numbers before you will be drawn at random using the Random Number Generator of your given website.
    • You will see the results on the right-hand side of the card to determine if you have won or how many numbers you have correctly chosen. The payouts are based on how many numbers you matched with the draw and according to the paytable associated with the game.

    Keno Odds And House Edge

    House Edge IconThe odds in online Keno are much more reduced than that of their state or nation based lottery counterparts. However, in Keno, you can choose up to 20 numbers, or “spots” as the enthusiasts like to refer to them. The amount of spots you can choose greatly increases the odds of winning.

    Players typically win more frequently in online Keno because of the amount of “catches” they could possibly receive. For instance, catching 5 of your 20 numbers leaves you with a 23% chance of winning. That is greatly reduced from state-based lotteries. You will have a 1.6% chance to claim 9 catches and a 0.00000007% chance for 16 catches.

    The house edge in a game of Keno ranges from 4% to 35% based on the payout of the given game. The typical house edge in casino games is around 5%.

    What Is A Random Number Generator (RNG)?

    A Random Number Generator is an advanced digital algorithm that ensures fair play and complete statistical randomness in all the games that are offered from online casinos.

    These algorithms are tested periodically and routinely throughout the year and awarded compliance certifications upon their successful evaluations. This is one of the main things regulatory bodies and organizations ensure is working fairly during compliance checks.

    Can I Play Keno For Real Money From My Mobile Device?

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconKeno online is offered widely throughout the online gambling industry on any mobile casino app device that you can get your hands on. You will be able to find and access all of your favorite Keno games online from anywhere you have found service. Responsive design technology keeps functionality and design elements consistent no matter which screen size dimensions you use. This means online tablet keno is available as well.