New York State Flag IconWith a number of successful professional and collegiate sports teams in the state of New York, it is not surprising that sports betting is fairly popular. This creates a bit of a caveat since it is not really easily accessible from a land based brick and mortar perspective. Those within close proximity to the NJ Atlantic City gambling region or upstate residents may have access to a limited range of physical sports wagering locations. This renders NY online sports betting sites as the most accessible and convenient sports wagering option for NY bettors, and one of the New York online gambling venues most in demand, Additional existing legal Internet gaming options for NY players include online casino games, poker gaming and even New York online bingo has become a hot commodity.

Are New York online sports betting options legal? How do I find a legitimate online Sportsbooks? What are the chances of state-sponsored online sports betting becoming legalized? Finding answers to these questions is not always easy, and the information circulating on the Internet is not always accurate or up-to-date. These are the very circumstances that triggered the creation of this guide. Our objective is to provide the resources that gamblers in New York need to make informed decisions. We have worked hard to provide clear and concise information that provides genuine insight into the industry.

Is New York Online Sports Betting Legal?

Even though the state of New York recently passed new legislation to allow domestic sports betting there are only a few upstate online sportsbooks available at this time. The state is likely to try to pass online sportsbooks in the future but for now, they are focusing on domestic sports betting services.

New York sports fans do have access to a handful of legally licensed and certified online sportsbooks that accept players from New York. These sports betting sites are regulated and located outside of the USA. They hold legitimate licenses and compliance certifications issued by governing jurisdictions that have expressly legalized various types of online gambling within their respective territories, allowing them to legally offer their services to anyone they choose, including New York players. There are not any state or USA gambling laws that prohibit NY players from participating in online sportsbook wagering at these legally licensed gambling sites. So to answer the original question, legal and regulated offshore online sports betting sites are available to NY players. It is not illegal to visit and/or participate in sports wagering at these sites. You can learn more about the gambling laws in the Big Apple by visiting our page specifically focused on NY gambling laws.

Our Recommended New York Online Sports Betting Sites

The table below provides information concerning legal online sportsbooks that are available to New York players. They have each been personally vetted by our team of review specialists who are also professional gambling consultants. In other words, we know what we are doing. They all accept USA players, including those from New York. These brands also offer a legitimate welcome bonus that helps to boost your bankroll and give you a little bit more betting power getting started. All of them are web-based and do not require you to download any software in order to access and utilize their user interface. Because of this, it will be easy for you to browse through their betting lines and wagering requirements to ensure that they meet your expectations prior to investing or placing any real money wagers. I personally enjoy sports betting activity every weekend and sometimes multiple times during the week, and I’m a registered player at all of these sportsbooks.

Site NameBonusRatingTypeUSAVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino$10005 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site$10004 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site

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How Do I Know If I’m Selecting A Legitimate And Legal NY Online Sportsbook?

The best way to ensure that you reach a legitimate online sports betting destination is to rely on professional gambling consultants who have extensively reviewed potential online sportsbooks for legitimacy and quality within the industry. Industry professionals are much more likely to recognize the red flags which categorize a gambling site as undesirable. Low quality and unethical gambling sites are very astute at camouflaging their intentions with a very professional appearance which may include false licensing and certification documentation. It can sometimes take the trained eye of review specialist to truly uncover legitimate versus illegitimate online sports wagering options. As professional sports bettors, we are more likely to recognize something awry when it comes to betting lines and sports events by professional leagues like the NFL or collegiate events that are a part of the NCAA.

To name a few of the critical elements that we review in our initial phase of evaluation, we include the following: verification of legitimate licensing and certifications, which includes authenticating their licensing jurisdiction for legitimacy, evaluation of the brand’s security features and processes, careful review of their user interface, betting lines, and wagering options, confirmation of the competency, knowledge, and responsiveness of their customer support staff, and verification of the legitimacy of their bonus offers and promotions, including just how reasonable their wagering requirements are. These are just preliminary topics which we cover, however they do successfully determine the legitimacy and overall quality of a gambling site. If these requirements are met satisfactorily by a brand, then we move on to investigate additional elements of their operation.

The criteria that we use for approval of any brand to be included in our guide is very stringent. You can be very sure that any New York online sportsbooks that you find listed on this page is legitimately operating within the industry and provides the highest standards for player safety and satisfaction. Having done these extensive reviews for you, we have literally saved you hours and hours of research, and significant effort that is better spent on selecting your betting lines and wagering options for your favorite upcoming sporting events. Should you choose to implement this review process on your own, just remember to not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and to require transparency regarding the legality and certification of the site.

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