Congress Pulling Trigger On Federal Regulation?


In a bizarre twist of events, Congress scheduled a hearing for federal regulation on sports betting but then postponed it shortly after. This is a point of worry for sports betting advocates, but also a positive sign in that Congress already failed to commit. For states that just passed regulation of their own, this is … Read more

Michigan Passed A New Online Gambling Bill


While legal sports betting is spreading like wildfires across the United States, Michigan is taking it one step further with the approval of two new online gambling bills. Lawmakers are also wanting to include online sports betting if the state elects to pass a domestic sports betting bill in the future. Michigan lawmakers have drafted … Read more

Justify’s Triple Crown Marred By Controversy


With a victory in the 150th running of the Belmont Stakes, Justify became the 13th horse in history to win the coveted Triple Crown. Winning the Triple Crown is a difficult feat based on numerous factors, making its capture something to behold. However, Justify’s historic victory has been overtaken by accusations of cheating. Restoring Hope … Read more

NBA Refuses To Back Down On Integrity Fees


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed sports betting during his annual press conference. The gist of his message was that the National Basketball Association is entitled to integrity fees. Other leagues like the NFL have backed off the idea in light of the opposition put up against the notion, but the NBA will not budge. Silver … Read more

Washington Capitals’ Chance to Take the Stanley Cup

Washington Capitals v.s. Las Vegas Golden Knights

After a critical defeat of the Las Vegas Golden Knights in Game 4, the Washington Capitals’ gained a 3-1 lead which could seal the deal for the Caps to take the Stanley Cup home if they win Game 5. Fans are eager to watch tonight as the Golden Knights face off with the Capitals, however, … Read more