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The poker industry in New Jersey's Atlantic City gambling region has had quite a transformation in recent months. They went from offering multiple card playing options within popular brick and mortar casinos to expanding those options with the recent launch of their NJ online poker platform. These New Jersey online gambling sites are owned and operated by various members of the distinguished Atlantic City casino industry, and are licensed and regulated by the state of NJ. These new state based online poker options expand the selection of card playing options that already includes existing legally licensed offshore Internet card rooms welcoming NJ players. These existing sites are located and regulated outside of the United States, and are subject to strict regulatory oversight by their licensing jurisdictions. Aside from Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey is one of the few states offering US based online gambling opportunities to their residents and visitors. They are the first state that has launched both New Jersey online casino and poker online gambling. They made an attempt to include state sponsored NJ online sports betting, however due to strong opposition from the professional and collegiate sports leagues, it is still a work in progress. Nevada has restricted their online gambling offerings to poker.

This portion of our guide is dedicated to taking a close look at New Jersey poker, both online and brick-and-mortar options will be addressed, with an emphasis on understanding the online card playing arena. Our intention is to provide a valuable resource guide which will strengthen the position of our visitors when making informed decisions regarding their online gaming activity. Knowledge really is power, and can genuinely assist players in avoiding online gambling situations which place them at risk. Having suffered financial loss ourselves due to compromising circumstances at an illegitimate online gambling destination at one time or another, we want to take what we have learned from decades of experience to ensure that nobody else is placed in this type of situation. The following information should accomplish this task.

Is online poker legal in New Jersey?

Not only is it legal for residents and visitors to participate in online poker games, it is legal on multiple levels. What I mean by this is that players have the option of choosing from legal state sponsored online gambling as well as legally licensed and certified offshore online gaming options. This gives New Jersey residents a much larger selection of online card gaming choices than most of the United States players have access to. State laws were modified in 2013 to allow legal online poker gambling that is owned and operated within the state of New Jersey, specifically Atlantic City. These sites are licensed and regulated by the state. There are not any state or federal laws which prohibit players from participating in online gambling at legally licensed and regulated Internet websites located outside of the United States. The state has allowed legal brick-and-mortar poker gameplay for quite some time. You can learn more about the legality of gambling in the Garden State by reviewing our guide to New Jersey online gambling laws.

How do I know if a New Jersey online poker site is legitimate?

The easiest way to help you learn to authenticate an online gambling site is to share the steps in our review process with you. Any Internet gambling site that you consider playing at should be extremely transparent regarding their licensing, compliance certifications, and the regulatory oversight which they are subject to. This includes both state-sponsored and overseas poker rooms operating on the web. A critical piece of this review process is verifying that the specific brand being evaluated is operating legally within the industry. As long time gamblers ourselves, we are knowledgeable on where to find licensing data and how to verify that the licensing and regulatory oversight is administered by a respected and legitimate governing jurisdiction. This step will also reveal their compliance certifications or lack thereof, which is very important in ensuring the site has participated in the auditing of their software platform and fair gaming practices.

Once it has been verified that they are legally operating within the industry, the next step in determining their legitimacy is evaluating their security profile. We require advanced SSL data encryption technology and powerful fraud prevention systems to be in place, preferably with a trained technical staff to monitor these systems around-the-clock. We then take a look at their software solution and test it for consistency, reliability, and overall performance quality. We review their game menu selection, the competency and adaptability of their customer support staff, and the efficiency of their banking suite. The last component on our list of critical operational elements is to review their bonus offers and promotions. We evaluate them to learn if they are authentic offers that include reasonable and attainable wagering requirements and fair incremental disbursements of the bonus funds. This is just phase 1 of determining the legitimacy of online poker brand, but it does eliminate the majority of undesirable gambling destinations from our list of candidates. Internet poker sites which make it this far are considered worthy of further investigation before finally being approved as a recommended brand in our guide.

Why don't I see any of the state-sponsored New Jersey online poker sites in your recommended brands?

Because the state-based online poker sites in the state of New Jersey have only been in operation a short time, we are still in the process of reviewing their websites and establishing a cooperative working relationship with them. The fact that they are not listed in the table below does not mean that we consider them illegitimate. It simply means that we are still in the review process stage with these brands. Because we take our influence within the industry seriously, we never list an online gaming site among are recommended brands until we have completed a thorough evaluation and are 100% satisfied with the results. Just because they are licensed by the state does not give them a free pass for instant inclusion in this guide. If we allowed that, would not be providing the type of resource for players that we have committed to creating. Please be assured that as we clear each poker site as a legitimate high-quality gambling option, they will be included in our list of recommended online poker destinations. Until that time, we stand by the brands that we have approved, and are confident that these options will provide you with a safe and overall pleasing online game play experience.

Our Recommended New Jersey Online Poker Sites

Below you will find the table which lists various online poker sites. Each of these brands has been carefully reviewed by our team of specialists, and has been confirmed be operating legitimately within the industry and to offer a high quality and secure online gambling experience. We have included their current welcome bonus offers so that players can compare at a glance which brands may be the most advantageous for their specific circumstances. They are all USA friendly and welcome players from the state of New Jersey and the United States in general. As we complete our reviews of the newly launched state-sponsored online gambling sites, they will be added to the table below as recommended Internet poker destinations. For your convenience, a little further down on the page you'll find a listing of several of the state's popular brick-and-mortar poker room options.

Legal New Jersey Online Poker Sites
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BetOnline Poker 200% up to $2500 Panama Proprietary Visit
Carbon Poker 200% up to $5000 Kahnawake Merge Visit

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