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USA Online Roulette

Roulette Game IconThe word “Roulette” comes from a French word meaning “little wheel”. Online Roulette is played on a spinning wheel where bettors choose their numbers or colors, the croupier simply spins the wheel to see where the ball drops.

The game is almost entirely based on luck and leaves very little in the way of strategy manipulation in the hands of the player. It’s a thrillseekers’ delight. We created this guide to discuss some key betting strategies in the game of roulette so you can apply them to the way you play the game over the internet at regulated USA accepted online casinos.

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    Top Rated USA Online Roulette Casinos For June, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyThese are our top ranked sites that feature US roulette online. These sites meet our standards in customer service, legality, and financial responsibility. Each is properly regulated and licensed for the online gambling services that they provide. They hold locations that are outside of the United States and have developed a trusted reputation throughout their years of service.

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    Is It Legal To Play Online Roulette For Real Money In The United States?

    Lawbook With GavelYes. Playing roulette online is legal in the United States. However confusing US gambling law is, it doesn’t prohibit the player from placing bets online at legally regulated offshore websites.

    The laws in the United States conspire to make owning online gambling websites illegal through lack of regulation. In the US, gambling laws are largely left up to the states.  It is not federally illegal for citizens of the United States to gambling online with real money at websites that are located outside of the United States as long as they hold the proper and legal licensing and regulation.

    Different Types Of Roulette Games (American & European)

    Bovada Roulette Screenshot

    American Roulette

    The American version of the popular casino game spins on a wheel that has 38 pockets ranging from the numbers 0-36 with an additional 00 pocket and a 0 pocket. This wheel is also commonly known as the “00 wheel”.

    There are 18 pockets that appear on the wheel as red while another 18 pockets are colored black. The 0 pocket and the 00 pocket are both green. Those two pockets are placed on the opposite sides of the wheel with the rest of the numbers circling around the wheel in a black-red-black-red checkered pattern. A spin on the American roulette wheel is a little less than 50% likely to land on either red or black. The house edge is technically only the two green pockets and equates to 5.26 percent.

    European Roulette

    For those looking to offset the house edge a little bit, European Roulette is the version you’re looking for. The European wheel has 1 less pocket than the American model, which decreases the house odds to 2.7 percent. The 0 pocket, like the American version, is green with the subsequent 18 numbers that are red and 18 that are black.

    Roulette Online Betting Strategies

    House Edge IconFlat Betting Strategy is one of the more simple strategies out there for roulette gambling. In the flat betting strategy, you will choose a number to bet on and then continually pick it again and again. The house has a slight edge on 50/50 bets that differs slightly between the American and European models. This means that you won’t be able to use this strategy long-term as in the flat betting paradigm, the casino will always come out on top in the end. On the other side of things, you will also never lose big on one spin. This betting strategy is best used moderately and in the short term.

    Cover The Table refers to a strategy where the player makes numerous bets on the roulette board to try and optimize his or her chances of a win. If you place 30 bets and cover nearly the entire betting table you will have a very high likelihood of winning. When you win, you will only win a small amount. However, when you lose you will lose all 30 bets. In this example, on a European wheel you will have a 16% chance of losing, which is pretty favorable.

    In the Paroli System, when you lose a bet, you will bet the same amount in the next bet. When you win, you will double your bet for the next spin. If you lose the next bet after that, you will cut your stake in half and return to the original amount. If you win three in a row, you will also return to the original stake. It’s meant to protect and deposit your winnings within your winning run so you don’t lose all of your profits as you proceed into betting further.

    The Oscar’s Grind method is designed to grind out profits by chasings mall wins. This betting system takes your pot and splits it up into a series of lines. A line will only end when it is profitable, not when it has won. The first bet in your line will be your lowest betting option. If you win, that 1-bet line is profitable and so it ends. Choose a different betting option and play again. If you lose that bet, place the same bet again. Say you lose the next one after that, now you are down -2. Continue the grind until the line is profitable. That means you bet the same amount until you win.


    Roulette Bets

    House Edge Icon

    There are many types of bets to play in USA online roulette. Each of them has different stakes depending on the probability of a win. When you access one of the popular casino games on a legally sanctioned gambling site, you will see the entire betting board laid out digitally in front of you. When you hover your mouse over the different betting options you will see where you can place your chips. The betting options come in two primary categories—inside and outside.

    Inside Bets

    Straight Up – This is when you place a low likelihood bet on a single number. These pay 35 to 1.

    Split Bet – Place your bet so it straddles the line between two numbers, your bet is on each of those numbers. This bet pays 17 to 1.

    Street Bets – You will see a line that separates the outside and inside betting arenas. Place your chip so that it straddles the first number that appears in the row. This bet pays 11 to 1.

    Corner Bet – Find four numbers that you want to bet on that are touching each other on the betting table. Place your chip where it straddles the corner of all four of those numbers. This bet pays 8 to 1.

    Basket Bet – This is when you take the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is commonly known as the worst bet in roulette and has a house edge of nearly 8 percent. This bet pays 6 to 1.

    Double Street Bet– This is a 6-number bet. It’s the same placement as the street bet above only the chip that’s on the line that separates the outside and inside betting areas also sits halfway on the row above or below it. This bet pays 5 to 1.

    Outside Bets

    Red/Black, Odd/Even – These are the even money bets on the table. You will see the appropriate boxes to place your chips

    Dozens bet –There are boxes in the outside betting area that are labeled 1-12, 13-24, and25-36. Place your chips in the corresponding boxes to place these bets. They pay 2 to 1 but if the 0 or 00 come up in the spin, you lose.

    Column bets –These are also dozens bets but the numbers are chosen by the columns that they find themselves located in on the table. Place your chips at the end of one of these columns to place a bet on all the numbers within. These bets pay 2 to 1.


    Live Dealer Roulette Options For USA Players

    Live Casino Dealer IconLive-dealer casino games have become exceedingly popular since the basic Internet connections and bandwidth around the world have advanced to where they are today. Live-dealer roulette is commonly offered in both American and European variations. You may even see that at some online gambling destinations there are enhanced payout schemes to shift the house edge back into the advantage of the player.

    Live Dealer Roulette At Bovada Casino

    Can I Play Roulete For Real Money From My Mobile Device?

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconMobile roulette has been made available to those in the US and can be played on any modern mobile device. Mobile apps like the ones we are accustomed to downloaded on our computers are no longer the best way to streamline these games.

    Now, HTML5 allows gaming operators to host these games directly on their sites. You can play this and other legal online casino games right from any device with using web-based, mobile-optimized applications like the ones suggested in this guide.