Legal Online Bingo

USA Friendly FlagBingo is a celebrated game in many US communities, but it is also a popular online gambling option for many US bettors. Physical bingo games can be found in domestic bingo halls or charitable gambling events.

However, players in some US states have no access to domestic bingo but can still enjoy online bingo as a safe and legal alternative.

Bingo can be found at multiple licensed offshore online bingo sites that accept USA players. Legal online bingo has allowed this gaming niche to evolve into an innovative, modern platform that provides an enjoyable, feature-rich gaming experience.

Specific online bingo features such as playing multiple cards simultaneously, automatic daubing, and exclusive bonuses are offered - as well as unique social aspects that bring a special element to the game.

Is Online Bingo Gambling Legal In The United States?

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Federal US gambling laws permit offshore online bingo sites to offer services to Americans so long as those sites are located outside of the US, and are licensed and regulated by a respected authority.

States has been permitted the choice to offer state-regulated online casino and poker gambling through the introduction of proper legislation ever since the DOJ's 2011 legal memo. As of now, no state has launched an online gambling site that offers bingo exclusively, however, state-based online casinos do often offer bingo to a smaller degree as one of their casino games.

Top Rated Online Bingo Sites For US Residents

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What Types Of Bingo Games Are Offered At Offshore Sites?

Part of what makes offshore bingo sites resonate with frequent players is the amount of variety. On offshore online bingo sites, there are multiple variations of bingo games available to US players. You can find traditional games, but there are other special versions like:

  • 30 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo

Within each of these bingo games - there are endless patterns and tournament formats that are played. There are also casino side games and chat games available at online bingo sites.  These games can be played during and in between bingo rounds.

How To Play Online Bingo Through Offshore Sites

Playing online bingo is similar to what one would experience in a brick-and-mortar game.  When playing online, all bingo games take place in specially designed chat rooms that all have their own theme, specific cost per card and designated prizes.

Players simply register for an account, make a deposit, and then select the game they want to play and the number of cards they want to purchase.

Online bingo sites utilize a feature called auto daubing, which automatically marks the bingo cards for players allowing them to play as many cards as they want to simultaneously. The auto daubing feature is one of the reasons the side games are very popular.

What Are Bingo Chat Games?

Bingo Chat games are another variation of the traditional bingo format. Bingo chat is the closest thing to a brick-and-mortar experience online bingo sites can provide in terms of replicating a community experience. Bingo Chat games take place in the chat rooms with a professional moderator to oversee the game.

These games allow players to communicate with each other and the moderator for a much more social experience than most other online gambling venues offer.  Bingo chat games typically offer the opportunity to win additional cash, prizes or free bingo cards.

What Types Of Bingo Bonuses Are Available?

Bingo bonuses are one way that reputable online bingo sites compete with one another to get players to visit their site. There is usually an attractive welcome bonus that will double or triple your initial deposit, as well as reload bonuses, special promotions and tournaments, and daily deals.

Other bonuses available like bingo game specific bonuses include things like games with guaranteed jackpots, penny-games, free play and more. Penny-games are on the low end of buy-in levels and those levels range up to accommodate high rollers.

Read through a bonuses terms and conditions for redeeming them as each bonus contain stipulations which can influence when a player would be able to make a withdrawal.

Are There Free Play Games With Offshore Bingo?

Yes, the bingo sites we recommend usually have free play options on their promotions page or a specific free play mode.  The free play promotions are usually your best option as there is often still the chance to win prizes this way.  Free play mode is usually playing a game using play money - and winning cash and prizes is not an option.

Are Online Bingo Games Fair?

Licensed offshore bingo sites incorporate Random Number Generator technology into their bingo platforms. RNG works by using mathematical algorithms to create random bingo drawings, thus ensuring everyone gets a fair chance at winning. iGaming companies frequently test RNG technology to make sure it is working properly. This is part of offshore sites’ licensing credentials. Players can find information on a site’s RNG on their website.

State Specific Legal Online Bingo sites

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