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USA Video Poker

In the USA video poker exploded onto the brick-and-mortar casino scene in the 1970s. Expanding to all corners of the globe, it rapidly became a favorite sport among casino gamblers. Its similarity to the popular and simplistic slot machines creates a simple one button play and instant outcome, and the possibility for a large payday is an enticing attraction. And since it requires virtually no interaction with other players or casino employees, it eliminates factors that intimidate many gamblers. Given that physical video poker machines are computer driven, it is no wonder this popular physical casino game made an easy and successful transition to the Internet.

Although most people who play video poker online do not know it, it is one of the few contests on the virtual Vegas landscape which can actually give the player a positive expectation of winning. The human animal has some intrinsic implant that loves the incredible risk/reward feature of games based entirely on luck. And that is fine with the land-based or Internet casino, because luck-based games generate the vast majority of their income. But since the game of poker uses a known number of cards, and any each individual poker game is played in a regimented format, figuring your odds is simple and straightforward. This is an advantage that, over time, can combine with skill and effective strategy to seriously improve a player's win-loss ratio.

And playing USA video poker online has another huge advantage for the player. Unlike face-to-face live poker play with your friends, or in a physical casino, the video poker game you are playing on your smartphone, laptop or desktop PC cannot bluff you or take advantage of any "tells" you may subconsciously be offering. This is a huge advantage for the novice player as well as the veteran, and since the basic tenant of video poker is to allow you to discard and hold the cards of your choosing, you actually have more control over this online casino offering than most.

If you have played in enough physical poker games, you have no doubt suffered your share of "bad beats" when someone called your raise or otherwise stayed in a hand they should have left long ago. Bad beats do not occur in video poker, and many online casinos actually offer a 100% payback. Factor in generous welcome bonuses and other player rewards packages, the fact that USA online video poker is a skill based game with a limited number of outcomes, the ability to play in a quiet environment with little or no distractions, and you have the perfect recipe for an Internet casino offering that can definitely return a favorable outcome over time.

There are also certain technical situations where a play would be ill-advised in a physical poker game, but is the correct play in a video poker hand. Just about every veteran poker player will tell you it is almost never a good time to draw to an inside straight in a live context. However, this 12 to 1 disadvantage in a brick-and-mortar game is usually the correct play in the online video poker setting. The advantages of online video poker for USA players who take the time to learn on an odds-based strategy are many. And since this is one of the few virtual Vegas offerings, like craps and blackjack, that can swing the advantage from the house to the player in certain situations, the serious online gambler in the United States would be wise to exploit the powerful edge that online video poker can deliver.

Below is a listing of not only the best US video poker casinos, but the ones that offer welcome bonuses that include video poker as an eligible game for play through of wagering requirements. Not all casinos offer a welcome bonus of this nature, so we're saving you quite a bit of time and effort in doing the research and delivering this information to you.

Top USA Video Poker Casinos
US Casino Site Sign Up Bonus Licensed Software Visit Casino
Las Vegas USA 150% up to $3000 Panama RTG Visit
Bovada Casino 100% up to $250 Kahnawake RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online 150% up to $3000 Panama RTG Visit
Lucky Red Casino 100% up to $1000 UK RTG Visit
ClubUSA Casino 100% up to $150 Antilles RTG Visit
Aladdin's Gold Casino 100% no max Curacao RTG Visit