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USA online poker is a phrase that is in the forefront of the political landscape, economics, and state budget discussions these days. The industry has gone through some ups and downs over the last few years, and the whole topic in general has many players confused and unsure about where they stand legally concerning online poker options. To help players determine what legitimate online poker action is actually out there for players in the United States, we've decided to gather the information necessary to help you sort through the details, presenting it here in a clear, concise way that makes the confusing maze of information much easier to navigate and understand.

We've talked to a lot of people that are very interested in playing poker online, some for money, some just for fun, and none of them felt confident about how to go about doing this. With this state of confusion being the norm rather than the exception, we decided it was time to help these guys out and provide some solid answers for them that they can rely on, derived from accurate data and shared as helpful information and not a sales pitch. US online poker is no longer going to be a taboo subject among players and the online gambling community at large.

Where Does USA Online Poker Stand Legally?

Online poker is not illegal for US players. I know that this may sound like a contradiction to the Black Friday incident that occurred when the DOJ shut down several prominent online poker sites. This was not a message that online poker is a no no for American players, it was an indication that the targeted websites were suspected of infractions that were related to the UIGEA statute which regulates how gambling transactions are processed. No players were targeted, and there were other popular online poker sites which accept USA players which were not involved in the investigations. If the DOJ was specifically attempting to wipe out all online poker availability for US players, then they would not have left some of those operations untouched. In fact, efforts to legalize US based online poker are well underway on both federal and state levels, with multiple states already on the verge of launching this platform for their residents. Reputable online poker sites accepting United States players that have been providing high quality poker action are still available despite Black Friday, and many of them offer legal, secure poker gaming for U.S.A. residents.

What Is The UIGEA Law And Does It Make Online Poker Illegal?

The UIGEA bill was a piece of legislation that became law back in 2006. The purpose of the statute was to implement regulatory practices regarding how online gambling transactions are processed. The bill was put in place as a protective measure to try to make the industry more safe for players and eliminating some of the risks that the e-commerce arena can bring with it. It made online gambling brands accountable for their banking procedures. It does not make it illegal to participate in online poker play or any other type of online gambling. The law is directed at online gambling operations, and the only real impact it had on players is in regards to the availability of online deposit methods for funding your online poker account. U.S. online poker legality was not affected by this law, and it definitely did make online poker participation illegal or immoral for responsible adults.

Do I Have To Wait Until There Is Federal Or State Legislation Passed Before I Can Play Online Poker?

If you specifically want to play online poker that is based and regulated in the United States, then yes, you will need to wait. While several states have legalized online poker, there will be at least a short wait until the infrastructure is in place to support the industry. Right now it looks like the online poker gaming will only be available to residents of those states which have moved forward with legalizing online poker.

However, there are multiple legitimate online poker sites which are based outside of the United States that welcome US players. The US friendly sites listed below are licensed by the government in their jurisdiction, and monitored by official regulatory commissions in those respective jurisdictions. They each offer a high quality experience using a trusted and well established software platform that is tested by industry authorities for fair game play technology and professional standard security profiles.

So in essence, being able to answer this question really depends on your personal comfort levels and preferences. We recommend that you select an online poker option that makes you feel comfortable, even if that means waiting for US based poker rooms to enter the market. If you are not comfortable with your choices regarding online poker play, you won't really enjoy it.

For those who are ready to jump into already established USA friendly poker action, we can recommend the following brands as secure, reputable, and reliable options that will take good care of you and your investment.

Top US Online Poker Sites
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If your from a specific state and want to see which poker websites are USA in that particular state, just click on the name of the state on the left menu and you will see all relevant information. Or view our Legal online poker sites page for more information.

Update 05-29-2013 - We really want our visitors to have the best possible experience on our website, so we thought adding the table below might make navigating our website a tad easier. American players can view all usa poker rooms available to residents of a particular state. We also offer current news and hot topics surrounding each state so players can stay apprised on all developments for each state.

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