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Thanks to the wildly popular World Series of Poker Main Event Championship, Texas Hold 'Em poker is easily the most popular of the many USA online poker games played today. And virtual poker halls fill to overflowing day and night in the United States and countries around the world with players enjoying Internet poker for fun and profit. While there is no doubt that the Texas Hold 'Em cash games, sit-n-goes, tournaments and satellites are the most played on the Internet, Stud poker, Omaha and even HORSE are played around the clock at the top poker rooms online.

As the least common of the US online poker games, but easily the most exciting and demanding, HORSE is actually an acronym. Each letter in HORSE stands for a different poker contest in which you must participate, and the choice of game changes rapidly. HORSE stands for: Limit Hold'em (H), Omaha H/L (O), Razz (R), 7 Card Stud (S), and Stud Eights or Better (E), and while most online poker rooms stick to playing this unique offering in tournament form, there are those few websites which support HORSE cash games. Playing HORSE is easily the best way to improve your all-around Internet and live poker skills.

Omaha one of the US online poker games which play very similarly to Texas Hold 'Em, in that there are 5 face up cards on the community board. The main differences in Omaha are that you receive 4 personal cards rather than 2, and you must play 2 and only 2 of those cards 3 of the community cards to make your best hand. Omaha is then broken down into two different types of games, High-Low (H/L mentioned in Razz above) and High only. In Omaha High-Low the highest-ranking and the lowest ranking hands split the pot, and a player may "scoop" both sides for the perfect win. Omaha High only plays like most poker games, with the high hand taking the entire pot.

Stud poker is the oldest of the current poker games online for US players as well as global gamers, and has origins all the way back to the wild west frontier days in America. Played in many formats, the most common version that has its roots in the U.S. is also known as 7 Card Stud. There are no community boards here, but because of the unique format, a ton of information is available to all players. The end of each hand sees each player with 3 down cards and 4 face up, and betting takes place after each new card is delivered. 7 Card Stud requires closely monitoring each and every player, remembering what they previously bet, and learning how to read multiple hands as one.

And now we come finally to the King of USA online poker games, Texas Hold 'Em. Each player receives 2 personal face down cards, and plays them with 5 community cards for the best possible poker hand. While that gameplay sounds very simplistic, the unique game structure requires essential and basic poker skills like reading opponents, bluffing, understanding betting structure, and quickly calculating pot odds and the percentage chance you have to fill your hand. Each of these 4 popular online poker games is covered here on our website, where we go deeper than the typical poker site to offer you nuts and bolts strategy and tips to make you a better player in American Texas Hold 'Em, Stud poker, HORSE and Omaha online poker games.

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