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When you play HORSE poker online, you are competing in a tournament where your skills as an all-around player are definitely put to the test. H.O.R.S.E is an acronym for 5 mixed games. The letters stand for: Limit Hold'em (H), Omaha H/L (O), Razz (R), 7 Card Stud (S), and Stud Eights or Better (E). And since this is a limit game, it calls for strategy that the typical online player simply does not use in no-limit games. You also must switch between games every round, and it is not actually that surprising to see players playing a different game than the rest of the table. Make sure that is not you.

First off, the five particular USA online Horse Poker games are structured such that they offer plenty of draws. Make sure you use this information carefully, as it can also work against you. The H in HORSE means Limit Hold 'Em, where players draw, draw and draw again. Bluffing is much less important, and if you are unsure if you have the best hand on the river here, it is almost always worth it to call a single bet. This is because you are getting 10 to 1 pot odds or better, and slow playing almost never improves your value. Omaha High/Low Split provides the O, with the best high hand and low hand splitting the pot.

It is possible to scoop both sides, and that's why a starting hand of an Ace suited with a 2 or a 3 is an outstanding Omaha High Low starter. To qualify a hand must have 5 cards 8 or lower, and you can see that in our example you can hit a flush, a low straight and a low hand. The R in online Horse poker games means Razz, often times difficult for even veterans to play properly. Think of it as 7 card stud played for the low hand, and A-2-3-4-5 as the best possible hand. Remember this one Razz rule - never, ever play a starting hand that doesn't contain 3 unpaired cards lower than 8, and you will be better than the vast majority of players at this game.

7 Card Stud gives US online Horse Poker its S, and is the classic high-card stud game. This will be the game where you can use the most strategy, and will be the most familiar to you. Just remember that a pair of unimproved Aces rarely wins the pot, and the typical winning hand in stud is two pair. 7 Card Stud Eights or Better finishes off the E, and you may know this came as Seven card stud high/low. Just like Omaha H/L and Razz, the low hand must contain 5 unique cards 8 or lower to qualify. The low hand gets half of the pot, as does the high hand, and you can scoop both sides.

Great starting hands in 7 Stud 8s/b include A,2,3 or A,A,2, and the best possible starting hand you can get is a straight flush with A-2-3-4-5. More realistically, a wheeled straight usually proves to be unbeatable, and you may actually see one of these. Horse poker for US players provides the well-rounded player with the biggest test of his or her abilities. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to game changes, and if you are weak in one particular game, practice extensively before you attempt to play the difficult but addictive poker game of HORSE. You can learn more about poker game variations to ensure you have a solid understanding of all the games involved in playing HORSE.

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