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Winning At USA Online Stud Poker

USA online stud poker, also referred to as seven card stud, reveals a great deal of information. You have access to so many face up cards that a lot of the psychology is taken out of the game. This provides the savvy technical player with even more ammunition, and means that reading betting patterns and structure is very important. You can develop a huge edge at the virtual table by picking up on a few simple "tells" which most Internet seven card stud poker players do not even realize they are displaying.

Reading US online stud poker hands through noticing the betting patterns of your opponents is also important for another reason. You, me and every other poker player tends to subconsciously do the same thing over and over. If you can pick up on a particular player's betting structure, often times you can carry that advantage for long periods of time, possibly indefinitely. The first step to understanding seven card stud betting patterns is to categorize your opponent as passive or aggressive. And check-raising or re-raising a super aggressive opponent will often times slow them down.

When an opponent playing US online Stud Poker consistently raises regardless of his up card, by re-raising or checkraising that betting pattern, you can cause a "pattern interrupt" in his or her mind. In a particular hand, imagine this player has a King up and raises yet again. Re-raising with a pair of Queens can give you a ton of important information, and might even isolate you against the hyper-aggressive player. The passive player shows their reluctance by calling nearly every hand, and this betting structure must be attacked differently.

When you play stud poker online against weak or submissive players, you need to ramp up your value bets, while at the same time lowering the relative strength of the hands you play. This is because a passive opponent's betting pattern often leads to free cards for you. Also, when you read a stud player as passive, a calling station, be very wary of check-raises or re-raises near the end of a hand. These types of poker players almost never bluff, and not with their money already in the pot. Another winning strategy when looking for seven card stud betting patterns is to combine your opponents' boards.

For example, if someone showing a pair bets into another player showing four of a particular suit, you can bet that first player has a made full house. And if you watch a player who bets all the way up until the end and then checks when one of your opponents shows four to a flush, that original player is probably holding two pair or three of a kind. They are simply trying to fill their boat on seventh street, and could get pushed out with a good bet. Playing smart stud poker online for US players means categorizing your opponents, combining their hands to reveal what cards they are concealing, and capitalizing on the wealth of information that is game uniquely provides.

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