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Omaha poker online for US players splits the pot between the highest and lowest hands in the Hi Lo version of the game. The player with the best hand and the player with the worst hand comprising 5 cards 8 and lower each get half of the pot. This drastic change from the original Omaha game where the high hand wins the entire pot calls for a little different strategy. Let us take a look at the best possible starting hands for Omaha Hi Low, so you can know at a glance exactly how strong your hand is.

USA online Omaha poker paying half each to the high and low hands offers as the best possible situation a starting hand which has the potential to win both halves of the pot. This can work in either of two ways. Obviously, you can make both the high and the low hand. But you can also make the high hand where nobody holds a low qualifying hand. You must use 2 and only 2 of your 4 hole cards with 3 cards from the board to make a proper Omaha hand. That having been said, the premium hands in Omaha Hi Low are low denomination suited and connected cards, especially when suited with an Ace.

This allows you to scoop the high side in Hi Low online Omaha poker games by making flushes or small straights, while at the same time making the best possible low hand. Having the potential for a high hand backs up your low side when it gets beat, and that makes a hand like A-2-4-J a great starter when the ace is suited with another card. If the flop comes 3-5-9 with two of your suit, you now have a draw on the nut flush, a draw on a small straight and you even have quite possibly the best low hand. If a 2 comes on the turn, your A-4 is now the best hand, since anyone holding A-2 is forced to use exactly 2 cards from their hand.

Remember the main card you are looking for in US online Omaha Poker Hi Low, as in so many other poker games, is the Ace. You can use it to make a high pair, but it is also the lowest card in a nut low. As long as the Ace in your hand is accompanied by other low cards, in a best-case scenario a 2 or 3, you have the potential for the high hand by virtue of a pair, suited cards that help you make a flush, and you also have an excellent chance at scooping the low as well. And even "high only" hands are playable in certain circumstances. For instance, a full 30% of the time the board will not contain three cards under an 8.

That means that the high hand scoops that whole pot, but be careful about overplaying high only hands, as in many of these situations nut hands take the pot. And when you play Omaha poker online in a Hi Low format, also recognize a bare A-2 or 2-3 as playable some of the time, but frequently you will end up splitting one half of the pot with someone else. Only attempt playing those hands from late position, and only against supertight and scared players. And always, always, always stay away from medium-low hands such as 6-7-8-K. Many times you end up with the second best hand on both sides of the pot, and that is what you want to avoid at all costs when looking for the best Omaha Hi-Lo starting hands. Use your online poker games guide to find the top rated online poker sites for USA players.

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