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USA online sports betting is something that I personally enjoy nearly every weekend. During some seasons I play on weekdays also. It really is a significant form of entertainment for me and really contributes to my enjoyment of sports in general. I mean we all know that a friendly wager ups the ante, which ups the excitement of watching any game or player. So am I doing something illegal here? Am I the rebel of the crowd throwing caution to the wind? Well, in one sense, any gambling is throwing at least some caution out in favor of the risky payout, but no, I'm not a criminal and I'm not a rebel. The following information will give you a firm grasp on where access to legal online sports betting stands for US players.

Just to give you a little background, the creators of this guide are comprised of a team of online gambling professionals. Each of us has our favorite venue and the gambling niches we are experts in, but when it comes to sports betting, it was an all in for our team. Loving sports is just a part of being a red blooded American, and we all love our sports. Because US sports betting is a big part of our lives, we took the responsibility of creating a clear and concise explanation for players as very serious business. We did extensive research to make sure we only provide accurate and up to date information that will really help you determine if online sports betting for United States residents is something you want to participate in. We have addressed the primary areas that cause confusion for sports fans who are trying to figure out if they are legally allowed to enjoy online sports betting, or if they have to travel to Vegas to access a great sportsbook experience that won't land them in trouble with the law.

Is US online sports betting legal for Americans?

Currently there are not any US based online sportsbooks available. There are some licensed and certified online sports betting sites which are based and regulated outside of the United States that do welcome U.S.A. players, and it is legal for you to participate in wagering at these sites. Some players are worried about the legality of USA online sportsbooks because of the infamous DOJ investigation into multiple online gambling sites. Those sites were investigated due to suspicion surrounding how they handled the financial practices of their business. No players were targeted in this investigation, and while funds at these sites were unavailable for a period of time, players were able to eventually retrieve the money in their accounts. No players were scrutinized, and only those individuals associated with the running and operation of those particular brands were brought into the investigation. There are rules and regulations in place designed to protect players and their investments. If a gambling site is suspected of not adhering to that specific regulation, they will have to answer to the DOJ. The UIGEA bill, which fueled the investigation, does not make online sports betting illegal for players, in fact, it doesn't affect players directly. It simply regulates the way online gambling transactions are processed by the gambling site.

Are USA online sports betting sites based outside of the United States Safe?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online gambling sites circulating out there on the World Wide Web. Sadly there are no cyber police to make sure that only honorable and legitimate sportsbooks are launched. Undesirable sports betting sites have had a presence both inside and outside of the United States. Currently there are not any US based online sportsbooks. This being said, there are some extremely safe options for U.S.A. players, and there are some very dangerous options as well. We have taken the time and effort to go through all those options to compile a refined list of only the safest and most trusted brands that welcome American players.

In order to categorize a sports betting site as 'safe', we have some key requirements that must be met before a brand is even considered for inclusion. These requirements include the following: an authentic license from a legitimate governing authority, participation with third party compliance testing and fair gaming regulation with recognized and respected industry authorities, a security profile that rivals that of world class financial institutions, a strong banking suite that offers reliable US friendly deposit and withdrawal options, and a reliable software platform that supports a high quality and secure sports betting experience. And all that's just to get on the 'consideration' list for being included in our guide. That doesn't touch on the pleasure factors such as user interface, selection of betting lines and wagering options, the availability of in-play betting, and player resources. We guarantee that while our list of featured brands may be short, it only includes sportsbooks which are completely safe and have been personally vetted by our team of online gambling professionals.

Keys to wagering responsibly when participating in US friendly online sports betting

Now that we've made sure you understand the importance of selecting a safe and secure sportsbook at which to gamble, we have some tips to help you enjoy your gaming session while making the most out of your experience. The number one area in which players struggle is bankroll management. The key to not overspending is to put a self imposted spending limit in place, and to not fund your account in excess of this limit. Wise players pre-determine what amount of money they feel comfortable parting with should they loose, and only set aside that amount. In the event that you win, always place 50% of your winnings back into your bankroll so that after your initial investment, your winnings are what fund future gaming sessions. If you are worried about self control issues, set up a special bank account just for your sports betting, and only deposit money into that account that has been designated for your online gambling. If this is the only funding source tied to your online sportsbook account, you won't be able to overspend, even if you're really tempted to.

U.S. Sports Betting Access Summed Up

Ok, so the simple facts concerning sports betting for players in the United States are:

If you would like to review the state specific gambling laws, you can visit our page on Legal Online Sportsbooks.

Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites
USA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Licensed Visit Casino
Bovada Sportsbook 50% up to $250 Kahnawake Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% up to $1000 Panama Visit
Bookmaker Sportsbook 25% up to $500 Costa Rica Visit
Bet DSI Sportsbook 20% up to $500 UK Visit

American players can now click directly to their state below and find a list of US sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated in their juristiction.

State Specific American Online Sportsbooks
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